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Espresso Brew guide

How to pour the perfect espresso like a Japanese coffee master

From the grind of the coffee to the pressure of the water, there are so many variables to consider when it comes to pouring a perfect espresso. But with a little practice, you can master the fundamentals and pour an espresso that is rich, smooth, and flavourful every single time.

What is an espresso?

An espresso is a type of coffee that is brewed by forcing pressurised water through finely-ground coffee beans. The result is a rich, smooth cup of coffee with a strong flavour, aroma, and beautiful crema.

Espresso brewing equipment

  • Traditional espresso machine
  • 15g coffee beans
  • Tamper
  • Grinder
  • Knock-out box
  • Tamp mat
  • Scales

Espresso brew time and grind size:

  • Espresso brew time: 2 minutes
  • Espresso grind size: extra fine

Note: Grinding your own coffee beans right before you brew your coffee will produce the best results in cup. 

How to pour the perfect espresso:

  1. Take the filter basket out of the machine and wipe it clean, making sure it’s dry.
  2. Dose your beans, grinding them to extra fine or espresso grind.
  3. Tamp the coffee into the filter basket with even pressure. Twist to raise the tamper out, and the grounds should be flat and level. This will ensure all the water passes through the same amount of coffee. That’s important.
  4. Press the water button to rinse the group head, then wait for the water to stop dripping.
  5. Insert the filter basket and twist the handle tightly.
  6. Press the double shot button.
  7. A perfect espresso shot should pour slowly and evenly, and take between 23-27 seconds.
  8. Serve straight and enjoy the pure taste, or combine with milk to make other espresso based drinks.
  9. Remember to empty the filter basket into the knock-out box / food waste bin immediately after your espresso is ready.
  10. Wipe both the filter basket and group head to remove any used grounds. This is important for coffee quality.

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