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Cafetiere brew guide

How to use a cafetiere to brew at home like a Japanese coffee master

A classic piece of kit for home brewing, the cafetiere is one of the simplest ways to brew coffee at home – provided you use it correctly. To avoid the common mistakes that can spoil your coffee, read on and let our coffee masters guide you in your pursuit of perfection.

What is a cafetiere?

A simple way of making several cups at once, a cafetiere – or French Press – uses pressure to brew coffee. The coffee grounds are placed in a metal or plastic filter, which is then inserted into the carafe. Hot water is then poured over the grounds, and the coffee slowly filters down through the filter and into the carafe below.

Cafetiere brewing equipment:

  • Cafetiere
  • 15g coffee per serve
  • 250ml fresh filtered water per serve
  • Pouring kettle
  • Paddle or spoon
  • Grinder (if not using ground coffee)
  • Scales
  • Timer

Cafetiere brew time, ratio, and temperature:

  • Cafetiere brew time: 4 minutes
  • Cafetiere grind size: medium/fine

Note: For the best results we would recommend using a coffee grinder and fresh coffee beans before you brew.

  • Coffee to water ratio: 15g grounds and 250ml water per serve

Note: If you like your coffee very strong, add a little more coffee until it is to your liking. But make no mistake: ratios matter. To get the best from your beans, you need to give them the same care and attention with which they were selected, blended, and roasted.

  • Ideal water temperature: 93 degrees Celsius / about 200 Fahrenheit

Note: If you don’t have a coffee thermometer, we would advise to leave the hot water for 30 seconds, to cool down before pouring as you don’t want to scold the beans which can ruin the taste of your coffee.


How to make a perfect cup of coffee with a cafetiere

Are you ready to begin?

  1. To start, preheat your cafetiere by filling it with hot water and leaving it to stand for a few minutes. This will help heat up the glass and keep your coffee hotter for longer.
  1. Next, measure out 15g of fresh coffee beans per serve and grind them to medium/fine.
  2. Now add your freshly ground coffee into the cafetiere. Make sure there are no grounds stuck on top of the filter before pouring in the water.
  3. Extraction time. Place your cafetiere on the counter with the plunger up and leave for around 4 minutes.
  4. Remove the lid and skim the grounds off the top with two spoons (the coffee tastes bitter if the grounds are left in) then discard responsibly (e.g. in food waste / on your plants)
  5. Finally, slowly start pushing the plunger down until you reach the bottom. Be careful not to press too hard though, or you'll end up with over-extracted coffee.
  6. Pour, share, and enjoy.

Now that you've brewed your cafeiere, you can now make a host of drinks, you can add the coffee to such drinks as a Japanese iced coffee

Lastly remember to always dispose of your coffee beans ethically and sustainable. You can always reuse your coffee beans around the garden.

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