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Since 1933, Ueshima Coffee Company has been distilling the unique culture of Japanese craftsmanship into every cup of coffee. The finest quality beans are taken on a journey from seed to sip, and precision roasted under the watchful eye of our Japanese coffee masters for an exceptional flavour.

The pursuit of perfection

Coffee mastery, nearly a century in the making

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Discover the unique essence of Japan

For Ueshima the difference lies in our expertise. Honed over eight decades, our distinctively Japanese approach, creates an authentic and unique flavour. Characteristically smooth, bold in flavour, and low in acidity. Our blends capture the heart of Japan’s unique coffee culture and the type of coffee enjoyed in coffee houses and homes across the country.

Craft in every cup

In Japanese culture, becoming a master is a lifetime’s work. Our coffee masters have spent decades perfecting the brewing process. Here is some of their wisdom, distilled.

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