Our principles

Blending craftsmanship and innovation with a commitment to sustainability

We are driven by our founding principles – a perfectionist culture blending craftsmanship and innovation to create the finest quality coffee.

For over 85 years, Ueshima has been at the heart of Japanese coffee culture, developing bold flavours and shaping its distinctive, authentic taste. This distinctly Japanese approach to creativity and artisanal flair is reflected in our illustration style – born out of Japanese Shodo calligraphy. Created by Japanese calligraphy artist KASHUŪ, each elegant illustration, evokes the flavour or experience our coffee provides. At the age of 19, she was given the highest title of Professor and the calligrapher name KASHUŪ by The Japan Calligraphy Foundation.


Ueshima is a coffee built on rituals. Rituals of precision, care and dedication. Our Japanese coffee masters use their years of knowledge, skills and craftsmanship to create each of our distinctive blends. Characteristically smooth coffees, with lower acidities and bolder flavours.

Since 1933, the Ueshima family has been distilling the unique Japanese practice of Takumi - the pursuit of perfection without compromise - into every cup.


From the world’s first ready to drink canned coffee, to cutting edge roasting and filtering techniques – we are the original innovators in coffee.

We've continually pushed the boundaries and our coffee masters have been at the forefront of key innovations like pour-over, siphons and flannel drip coffee, long before they were popular in Europe. We even have our own coffee museum in Kobe, Japan, and coffee estates in Hawaii and Jamaica.


A true seed to sip coffee business, we are committed to sustainability and creating positive change in the communities we work within

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