Japanese coffee pioneers since 1933

From humble beginnings...

The Ueshima Coffee Company story began in 1933 when an ambitious young man established a western food store in Kobe, Japan. Tadao Ueshima’s passion for all things Western soon led him to discover coffee, and such was his passion for this rich, aromatic ‘mysterious beverage’ that he dedicated his life to making coffee popular across Japan; leading him to be known as the ‘Father of Coffee’ in his homeland. We have been inspired by Tadao and his principles ever since. For us, coffee is much more than just a drink. It is the pursuit of perfection.

Pursuit of coffee perfection

Our Vision

Coffee that changes the world

We believe in the power of coffee to bring people together – through small, shared moments of joy and by connecting communities and cultures across the world.

In the less travelled parts of Japan, locals may be amazed to hear that coffee is as revered in other countries as it is in their own. Because the people of Japan don’t just love coffee. For hundreds of years, they have been perfecting it, in a way few other cultures perfect a craft.

We’re sharing coffee mastery from one culture to another. Here to pioneer a global coffee movement, inspiring progress, positivity and innovation in everything we do.

Our Philosophy

The pursuit of perfection without compromise (Takumi)

At Ueshima, we know the importance of balance. Of heritage and progress. Skill and spirit. Craftsmanship and innovation.

We refuse to compromise on coffee quality. Generation upon generation of dedication and meticulous attention to detail to strike the perfect balance. A commitment to the world’s finest coffee beans. Precision roasting techniques and exacting standards in search of distinctive coffees – the unique Japanese practice of Takumi distilled into every cup.