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How to:

Serves 1: 

  • An Aeropress
  • 15g coffee beans
  • 250ml fresh filtered water
  • A pouring kettle
  • A paddle or spoon
  • Aeropress filter paper
  • A grinder
  • Scales
  • A timer

Note: for every additional serve please add a further 15g of coffee and 250ml of water. The method and brew time remain the same.


  1. Boil the kettle.
  2. Measure the coffee and grind it to medium/fine.
  3. Place a filter in the cap and pour a little water through it to prepare the filter and to remove the taste of paper.
  4. Attach the cap with the filter inside it to the bottom of the Aeropress and rest it on top of your mug.
  5. Add the coffee to the Aeropress chamber, using the funnel if you have it.
  6. Slowly pour your 250ml of hot water.
  7. Stir for 10 seconds then insert plunger to create a vacuum, this will stop the coffee dripping. Leave the coffee to brew for 30 seconds.
  8. Plunge slowly and evenly.
  9. Savour the flavour.
  10. To clean up the Aeropress, remove the filter cap and discard the coffee ‘puck’ responsibly.

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