Ground Coffee

The refined taste of Japanese craftsmanship. Our distinct ground coffees, expertly ground for your ease and enjoyment. Our Japanese coffee masters use their years of knowledge, skills and meticulous attention to detail to create each of our distinctive blends that are characteristically smooth, and bold in flavour.

All of our ground coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified and available in our three core blends, to deliver distinctive coffees for every occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, no. Instant coffee is made from dried coffee extract, which dissolves entirely once hot water is added. Instant coffee is faster, less expensive and was made to create an ‘instant’ alternative to traditional coffee brewing methods. Instant generally includes less caffeine too. When it comes to taste, fresh coffee has undeniably better flavours.

Ground coffee is what brewed coffee is made from. Before coffee is brewed, whole beans are put into a grinder (other methods such as food processors can be used) and ground to a variety of sizes to extract as much flavour as possible. The ground coffee is then used to brew your coffee. The main advantage is convenience and knowing that it has been ground to perfection.

Yes, ground coffee can be used in an espresso machine.