Single origin coffee vs coffee blends: What’s the difference?

To get the most from your coffee, you need to master the fundamentals of brewing and to develop a solid theoretical understanding of the basic ingredient. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the main differences between single origin coffees and coffee blends.

Single Origin coffee being brewd

What is single origin coffee?

Single-origin coffee is coffee that comes from a single geographic location. This could be a specific country, region, or even plantation. Single origin coffee are prized for their unique flavour profiles, which can vary depending on the terroir of the location where they're grown.

What is a coffee blend?

Blended coffee is made up of coffee beans from two or more different origins. This results in a coffee with a more complex flavour profile than single-origin coffee. Producers often mix coffees from different regions to create a balance of flavours.

What's the difference between single origin coffees and coffee blends?

Single origin coffee is made up of beans from a single location, while coffee blends are made up of beans from multiple locations. Single origin coffees tend to have more unique flavour profiles, while blended coffees tend to be more well-rounded in their flavours. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference as to which type of coffee you prefer, and what type of coffee drink you’re making.

Single Origin Coffee being roasted

Where do we source our coffee beans from?

The beans for our single-origin coffees are sourced from Guatemala and Sumatra. We hand-select these beans for their unique flavour profile, low-acidity, and rich aroma – to reflect an authentic taste of Japanese coffee culture. Click single origin coffees to find out more about our limited edition coffees.

The coffee beans for our core blends are responsibly sourced from across the bean belt, the geographical area that sits between the two topics of Cancer and Capricorn. We have created blends - which will remain secret to preserve the work of our Japanese coffee masters - from our longstanding relationships with coffee farmers and cooperatives across different countries. 

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