Do well by doing good

Little things make a big difference.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and creating a positive impact, we are supporting a number of projects around the world.

Do well by doing good is an initiative, in collaboration with our friends at Imperfect Inc. in Japan, which aims to build a more sustainable society.

And because your views are important to us, we’d like you to have your say. Each time you shop, you can vote for which project is most important to you.

How it works

1. Add your favourite coffee to your basket and head to checkout.

2. Leave a vote each time you shop for the project that means the most to you. This will not cost you anything, except a few seconds of your time.

3. The project with the most votes will receive additional support from us. But don’t worry, we’re still investing in all projects.

Have your say

Every six months, we’ll be asking you to vote for new projects – with the option to vote again with each new purchase.

Check out the projects you can vote for below.

Build a bridge - Colombia

Colombia is the third largest coffee producer in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam. Yet, basic infrastructure is vulnerable in some coffee-producing areas of Colombia, and farmers' children can be seen crossing dangerous log bridges to get to school.

Due to the lack of roads and bridges, traffic is hindered, and necessary supplies cannot be transported smoothly.

Our donations will not only replace a dangerous, improvised footbridge, but it will create a safer passage for the whole community.

Family succession project – Brazil

Brazil accounts for around 35% of the world’s coffee production. Yet, many are worried about the future of their farming businesses. Their farms are exposed to risks of weather, climate change, and the improved economic development of Brazil, which is putting the future of farm management in jeopardy. But with coffee consumption rising each year, the demand for Brazilian coffee has never been higher.

We want to provide opportunities for farmers’ families to learn good practices and support future generations. Our donations will help fund regular workshops for farm owners and their children to empower, and educate on improved farming methods and management.

Our Previous Projects

Field Farm Schools educational support - Colombia

Sierra Nevada is an isolated mountain range in Colombia and is home to several indigenous communities that preserve their ancient traditions. On the steep mountainside, coffee farmers observe sustainable practices and philosophies. As generations of farmers in the Sierra Nevada work to meet the increasing demand for coffee, their access to education has never been more critical.

This project has provided education, childcare, meals, and general repairs and improvements to a school with over 90 students. Our funding has helped to protect students, their education and has created a safer space for learning.

At Ueshima, we recognise the role we need to play. Which is why we’re investing in projects where we believe we can make the most difference. Each with a different focus covering the environment, education, and equality.

Working together with Imperfect Café our approach is “what we do may be imperfect, but let’s take a small step together to make the world and society a better place.”