Everything you need to know about coffee bags

5 Coffee bags: fresh coffee in an ultra-convenient format

Although less well known than other coffee formats, coffee bags have been around for decades. They work just like a tea bag – making them an extremely fast and convenient way to brew fresh coffee, without the hassle of a cafetiere or V60. They’re also low-waste and sustainable by design.

What are coffee bags?

Just like a tea bag, coffee bags brew by sitting in hot water for a few minutes before being removed. The perfect fusion of flavour and simplicity in a single cup.

How long do coffee bags take to brew?

It takes between 3-5 minutes, depending on how strong you’d like it to taste.

How does it taste?

The end result is not wholly dissimilar to filter coffee. And – much like a tea bag – the longer you leave your coffee bag to brew, the stronger it will taste. Beyond that, it will be determined by the quality of the coffee in the bag. If you purchase coffee bags from us, you can enjoy our same distinct blends, but in the convenience of a coffee bag.

How much coffee is in a coffee bag?

There are typically 7 grams of coffee in an individual coffee bag – the perfect amount for a single cup.

Are coffee bags compostable?

Ueshima coffee bags are industrially compostable. Please check with your local food waste collections service for information on how best to dispose of your coffee waste.

What are the benefits of using a coffee bag?

Brewing your coffee using a coffee bag has several benefits including:

  • Incredibly quick and easy way to make a single cup
  • No mess, waste, or hassle
  • You don’t need any special equipment – just a mug and a kettle
  • You can brew a perfectly consistent cup of coffee that’s both strong and flavourful
  • Perfect for taking with you so you can make cup after cup virtually anywhere you go
  • Just as convenient as instant coffee, but with real fresh coffee

how to use coffee bag

Just pop the bag in your cup, boil a kettle and then leave it to cool for 30 seconds so you don’t scald your coffee, then pour water into the cup and leave it to brew for 3-5 minutes – depending on how strong you want it. Once it’s brewed to your liking, gently squeeze the bag with your spoon, then remove the coffee bag and discard responsibly.

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