Coffee Storage: How to keep fresh coffee fresh

Coffee Storage: How to keep fresh coffee tasting fresh

The freshness of your coffee is absolutely critical in the pursuit of perfection. The fresher the coffee, the better it will taste. Which is why – to master the art of home brewing – you must first understand the fundamentals of coffee storage. Read on to discover how to store your coffee so you can keep your coffee tasting fresher for longer.

Where should you store coffee beans?

Whether you’re storing whole beans or ground coffee, it’s essential your coffee is stored in a cool, dry place – like a cupboard or pantry.

Lots of people put their coffee beans or grounds in the fridge or freezer. This is a mistake. If the humidity is too high, moisture may seep into the packaging.

All our Ueshima whole-bean and ground packs are gas flushed and resealable, so there’s no need for extra containers. But, if you are using another brand or would prefer to decant your coffee, you should always store your coffee in an airtight container somewhere cool and dry.

Coffee TIP: Be mindful of its size because the bigger the canister, the more air trapped inside, which will only increase once more coffee is removed from the container.

How long does coffee stay fresh?

Ground coffee will begin to go stale almost immediately. If using whole beans, you should only grind as much coffee as you need each time – to ensure maximum flavour and aroma. If you’re using ground coffee you should only remove the amount you need, and then store in an airtight container or in a resealable pack - just as our freshly ground coffee is packaged – to lock in the authentic taste of Japanese coffee culture.

How can you tell if coffee has gone bad?

While ground coffee will begin to go stale almost immediately, it’s still drinkable – just with increasingly unsatisfactory results. Though, coffee will – like any fresh product – go stale quickly.  

Stale coffee will begin to smell and taste quite “woody”. If you notice that your coffee has gone stale, maybe it’s time to freshen up with a new bag!

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