Your coffee gift guide for the festive season

With the end of the year fast-approaching, you may already be starting to think about what to get for your loved ones over the festive season. If, like us, they appreciate quality coffee, then our gift guide below can help guide you this year. What's more, our guide covers all bases: from equipment bundles, to some of our latest launches over the past 12 months, as well as what has been favoured amongst our customers this year.

1. Coffee Master Bundle

Our Coffee Master Bundle contains everything needed to elevate your at-home coffee making. The V60 is our signatiure brewing method, but did you know it was concieved and crafted in Japan? This bundle allows the coffee lover in your life to master coffee grinding to get the most out of fresh coffee, an often overlooked part of coffee craftsmanship. Choose between our Toyo Roast, House Blend, and Fuji Mountain blends to get started with.

Ueshima Coffee Master bundle

2. KINTO To Go Tumbler With Plug

Looking for a comfortable and stylish coffee cup which is perfect to travel with? Designed with practicality, comfort, and flavour in mind – this Kinto To Go Tumbler is made with the highest quality stainless steel, to maintain the rich flavour of every drink. With an easy-open easy-close rotating plug, you’ll be sure to avoid any leakages. Comes in either 240ml or 360ml sizes.


KINTO to go tumbler


3. Coffee Beans: Takumi Blend

New to the Ueshima family! Our recently launched Takumi Blend coffee is named after Japanese word for 'master'. It has been crafted using the finest sustainable Speciality coffee beans, sourced through the NKG Bloom intiative. It combines our single origins Mexico and Kenya coffee beans.

Ueshima Takumi Blend Coffee Beans

4. KINTO Nori Tumbler

Classic and stylish. This KINTO Nori Tumbler is made from a blend of Amakusa porcelain stone and natural mountain soil. This tumbler is as unique as the Hasami region where its raw materials are found. It is both durable and naturally stain resistant, coming in a smooth black finish. Available in both 200ml and 350ml sizes.

Kinto Nori Tumbler


5. Coffee Beans: Fuji Mountain

Curious to find out which of our blends has come out on top this year? All year long we've been able to celebrate with various awards and accolades our products have won across the range. However, this year a special award goes to our Fuji Mountain coffee beans which have been a firm fan favourite! Although the year hasn't ended just yet, we think we can announce the winner a little bit early...

Fuji Mountain coffee beans

The festive period is an exciting time to show how much you care, whichever gift you give. And from us - thank you to our supporters who have made this year so successful and memorable, and for helping to spread the gift of coffee!

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